Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Inevitably I was going to have to write this post at some time

With a child at school and another at preschool it wasn't going to be long before we had an infestation and the K would fall of my blog header. That's right, today I am....

The "whatever life throws at me" bit is head lice. Fortunately we've caught it early as we try to remember to check the kids hair once a week. I really don't want to catch them - my hair is so coarse and thick that it just doesn't fit through a nit comb. I caught them when I was pregnant with my son and they went mental on the pregancy hormones. Where my daughter had a few adult nits, I had hundreds! I do not want to go through that again (nits or pregnancy!). I'm so glad for the existence of products like Lyclear - ones that suffocate the lice rather than using insecticides. I can treat the kids without worry.

Headlice Infographic - An infographic by the team at Lyclear

Disclaimer: I recieved some Lyclear products to test for the purposes of this post.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Easter Bonnet Parade

Every year at school there is an Easter bonnet parade. Last year my daughter's bonnet was covered in tissue flowers with a small pompom chick in a nest (you can see it here). This year we supersized the chick....

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

My not-so-smart phone

It feels a bit odd to be complaining about my phone's intelligence, after all only a few short years ago I was playing snake on my Nokia 3210 and a few years before that I didn't even own a mobile. But my current phone is not smart. If it was at smart phone school it would certainly be taken out of class for some extra lessons.

At the moment it is very close to being thrown through a window, which would leave me with the problem of how to phone the window repair man.

The problem is that, although I have tonnes of storage space available, every time I try to put on a new app or update an old one I get the same error message:


I've spent hours online searching for a cure, it seems a common problem, but although people have suggested all sorts of things not one has worked. Its been in for fixing twice, both times it has been returned with an older OS leaving me not only with a phone I can't update, but the most ridiculous predictive text system. It shows the word I have typed, but decides it knows better and gives me a different one. You know all those funny autocorrect screen grabs, that is my texting life. It usually takes 3 texts to get my message across to someone

Text 1 - complete nonsense

Text 2 - clarify the nonsense

Text 3 - clarify a spelling mistake that totally changes the meaning of the previous two texts.

So I'm writing this post in the hope of winning a new Samsung Galaxy S5, if only to stop a passer by from receiving serious injuries from a flying phone.

Disclaimer: I wrote this post for the competition, but my phone is genuinely rubbish!
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